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    Why Us?

Building relationships that matter

Being a successful aerospace supply chain business takes more than a brilliant team of people and the latest technologies, it requires vision, passion and accountability throughout the business.

quality is engrained within our people and our processes

RLC Group builds business relationships. We only trade with customers that we are confident we can serve with excellence in every aspect of the project required. A firm focus is placed on customer service from initial discussions to delivery of the end product.

As a company we are respected for our honesty and pioneering approach to business and product development. We challenge existing methods to stay ahead of industry requirements whilst ensuring risk is always managed and take great care in deciding what opportunities are best suited to RLC Group. Equally we rely upon the input from a trusted network of suppliers within their specialisms. We don’t just value what people sell, we also value what they think.

Our through life support - from development through to aftermarket is only one demonstration of where - in a competitive landscape - our relationships continue to deliver value over the long term.

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Why RLC?

RLC Group create relationships that work.

A principled approach which drives progression, imagination and engineering to a whole new level from a team with passion for what they do

The chairmans statement

RLC Group focus on working with a small number of customers with whom we can develop long term, mutually beneficial relationships. We aim to bring solutions to their most challenging product lines, by doing this we become a trusted partner –we do what we say we will do, and say “no” when it is appropriate to do so. We achieve all of this by conducting ourselves with focus, commitment and professionalism.

The RLC team are engineers, working in the aerospace industry, and are committed to constantly developing our technical capability, to ensure that we can continue to provide innovative and effective solutions.

We strongly believe that everyone who deals with us should without hesitation be able to rely on our principled approach and integrity in every aspect of what we do, and are proud to be a privately owned business for over 60 years.

As a team we hope current and prospective customers find the RLC Group to be approachable, knowledgeable and pro-active and the complete process to be beneficial.

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