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    What we do

A formula that works

Working on design for manufacture, prototypes, early product development, volume ramp, maturity and decline, RLC Group support the full product life cycle.

Integrity from people to product and beyond

RLC Group understand the needs of the industries in which we work. We currently have significant relationships with two of the worlds “big four” engine manufacturers and 3 of the worlds largest flight control actuation providers. We are also involved with world leaders in science, technology and the nuclear research industries. RLC Group and our customers value our independence and our own unique culture which allows us to embrace new markets and push boundaries within existing.

At RLC Group there is a wide spectrum of industry experience, from apprenticeship to Board of Director level. We constantly canvass a variety of industry and economic opinion and have a sound understanding of the dynamics within our chosen sectors. This helps RLC Group to make appropriate decisions, objectively.

Absolute diligence in repeatably and reliably delivering the same high integrity product without compromise every time is the key. Often on very high volume programmes with metronomic demand and with high complexity products, what our customers value above all else is “no surprises.”

This level of control does not happen by chance and ultimately relies on highly engineered manufacturing solutions, with rigorous operational management. Equally, with this level of delivery performance, transitioning through the various volume and programme ramps successfully and economically is essential. Our manufacturing capabilities extend to allow us to work on projects that require many different machining and finishing techniques all under one roof

RLC Group  have over many years and on many different product lines demonstrated class leading capabilities in primarily the aerospace and scientific industries..


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