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Expertise and Honesty Combined

Having complete of peace from a supply chain partner is essential. Differentiating between possible suppliers can be confusing as we often all claim to provide the same products, expertise and service.

Dedicated to attention to detail

We at RLC Group believe we are very different from our competitors. As a privately owned company we have the flexibility to service each brief in a very unique way. We consider our customers business success in the same way we consider our own success. Ensuring complete customer satisfaction is in our best interest and that of our customers.

From the initial brief, our customers are offered our full attention from our team of engineers. This is continued through the development, technology and maturity stages and throughout the lifetime of the product with continued support and spares where required.

In addition to the expertise we provide, we offer honesty and forthrightness in all our business relationships. Even though we don’t like to boast we are really nice people to work with we are approachable and available this is led from the top by our chariman.

Quality runs through everything we do and a complete quality system is in place. Please read our quality and approval page for further information

To learn more about the structure and governance of RLC Group please visit our Corporate Governance page.

Finally, find out about how we support customers throughout a products lifecycle visit our product lifecycle page.


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