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    Actuation Assemblies

high volumes of supply

With a focus on product quality whilst retaining efficient economic models, RLC supply high volumes of secondary flight controls and high lift transmission joints to the worldwide civil aerospace market.

Actuation Assemblies

Actuation Assemblies

Actuation Assemblies

RLC provide secondary flight control / high lift transmission joints for the majority of the worldwide civil aerospace fleet.

With high volumes of supply, the ability to effectively manage internal and external supply chains is fundamental. Equally, providing a sustainable and dependable economic model requires advanced manufacturing systems that are not reliant upon near term gains from cost advantaged territories. In this competitive market space, engineering systems that utilise appropriate levels of labour and inventory are imperative. RLC have demonstrated these capabilities for many years and are continuing to enhance and further develop our position in this market sector.

Further diversification into other actuation products - where this is valued by our clients - is now an objective for RLC, as we continue to move up the value chain within the actuation and aircraft equipment sector.


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